Women With Alopecia Don't Have to Live Without Brows and Lashes

woman putting on false eyelashesUpon receiving an alopecia diagnosis, you may have immediately begun to mentally prepare yourself for hair loss, even researching the best wigs and ways to cover your head. But for many women, one of the biggest blows is their loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Alopecia is a medical condition that involves loss of hair from the head or body or both. There are many causes of alopecia and many types—some temporary and some permanent. Alopecia universalis involves complete hair loss on the entire body, including eyelashes and eyebrows. Luckily, there are so many brands of cosmetics, false eyelashes and permanent solutions today that you don't need to go a day without brows or lashes.

As is the case with any type of makeup, finding the best lashes to suit your eye shape and preferences may be a matter of trial and error. When it comes to learning the best way to apply your fringe, consider going to a beauty salon or a cosmetics counter to receive personal instructions from a professional.

As for your eyebrows, choose a waterproof brow filler that is similar to your hair color and experiment in front of the mirror. If you find that you're having trouble, think about going to a makeup artist for instructions. Additionally, there are both permanent and temporary tattoo options out there for a no-fuss solution. If you're interested in tattoos, talk to your health care professional.


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