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working out together
working out together

Share the Gift of Health This Valentine's Day by Working Out Together

Instead of going out to a fancy Valentine's meal, try these fitness-based activities to heat things up with your partner.

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Have you been calling every restaurant in town, trying to make a reservation to take advantage of the fact that you actually have a babysitter on Valentine's Day?

Instead of going out to a fancy meal, accompanied by diving into a calorie-filled box of chocolate and an expensive bottle of wine, consider working up a sweat together this Valentine's Day.

Are you grimacing? Perhaps you don't think that fitness and dating go hand in hand. You view working out as something you do by yourself or next to a fellow gym goer you've never met. And going on a date should be something, er, a bit more romantic, that doesn't involve perspiration.

Think again. Dating doesn't have to just be eating out or sitting in a movie theater. The time you spend exercising together can become your "date night." And the good company will make it more fun to venture out, even on the coldest of February days.

Don't have a sitter? No problem—you can still find ways to exercise with the kids or at home. Flying solo this Valentine' Day? Don't pout—a friend makes a fine substitute.

Here are a few fitness-based activities you can do with your sweetie that will get the endorphins racing, not to mention make you hot and sweaty for each other:

  1. Hit the gym. Perhaps your partner can teach you how to use that piece of equipment you've been eyeing or vice versa.
  2. Attend a group fitness class. You can try one that you both like, that one of you enjoys or something new altogether. Some ideas include yoga, Pilates or spinning.
  3. Take a stroll or bike ride around town. To add some novelty to the outing, explore a neighborhood that's new to both of you.
  4. Participate in a race together. Gear it to you and your partner's skill level—a 5K, 10K or more (or less too!).
  5. Head for the hills and go for a hike. You'll break a sweat as you climb steep slopes and have plenty of time to talk, too. Rev up the romance with a picnic lunch for two.
  6. If you're near the water, spend the day at the beach. But don't just sit back and soak in the sun. Get that heart rate pumping! Toss a Frisbee, surf on the waves or hold hands as you walk in the sand.
  7. Try a winter sport. You might go ice skating at a local rink or test your skills on the ski slopes.
  8. Embrace your childlike spirit as you get the competitive juices flowing. Battle it out on an indoor mini golf course, go swinging at the batting cages or see who gets the highest bowling score.
  9. Find a hotel with an indoor pool. Swim laps and canoodle with one another. Spend the night and hit the fitness center the next morning.
  10. In an area where the water isn't frozen? Bond as you go canoeing on a lake and get some upper-body exercise, too.
  11. Take a sports lesson together. You can opt for racquetball, tennis, skiing or golf, depending on where you live.

After you work up a sweat, continue bonding as you whip up a nutritious and delicious meal together. Looking for healthy and easy recipes? We have quick meals, simple appetizers and delicious desserts that you'll love. Check out our recipes now.

What happens after the meal is up to you!

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