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7 Fit Moms You Should Be Following on Instagram

Fitting in workouts as a mom can be hard, but many moms on Instagram are inspiring and motivating their followers to stay fit. Here are HealthyWomen’s editor’s picks for the top fit moms you should follow.

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The mom life is busy! It can take some creativity for moms to find the time for fitness and sometimes, you just need fresh ideas for new mom life-optimized workout routines. Long workouts or workout classes you enjoyed at the gym pre-kids might not fit into your current toddler-at-your-feet lifestyle.

Instead of skipping your workouts entirely because you can’t make it to that hour-long Spin class, turn to Instagram for some motivation and inspiration!

There is a large community of #fitmoms who are showing the world that moms don’t just wear yoga pants everywhere because they’re comfortable (okay, most of the time, yes, but shh). The workouts may look different, but becoming a mom doesn’t mean you have to stop taking care of yourself.

What’s awesome about following these moms is that they post videos of real workouts you can follow. So forget about spending a lot of time finding a video or online program!

Here are our picks of fit and strong moms to follow on Instagram: (Most have been featured on HealthyWomen’s own Instagram feed.)

@baby_fitgym (Kristy Ardo)

This mom inspires us because she continues her work-outs while her toddler is watching—AND while she’s pregnant with her second.

@ourfitfamilylife(Julie Baird)

Her videos show us that it is possible to squeeze in a burst of workout while playing outside or even going for a stroller walk.

@bwmcfitness (Jennifer Gelman)

Gelman is a mom of four boys so she’s an inspiration at showing us how to turn constant housework into a workout! For more of her tips, check out her list of 10 quick exercises moms can do anywhere here.

@fitmomma4two (Melanie Darnell)

Full-time working mom of two doesn’t let her fitness slide. She shared 5 mommy-and-me total body workout videos with us in a blog post here.

@activewithd (Dana Landgren)

This Aussie mom really motivates us to stick with our routines. We can pretend we’re working out on the beaches of Australia with her!

Follow these moms and be sure to follow HealthyWomen on Instagram (@HealthyWomenOrg) as we build our #teamHealthyWomen community!

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