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5 Tips for Bikini-Style Barbecuing

Grilling alternatives that are delicious and nutritious

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There's nothing better than a barbecue with friends and family, but traditional summer get-togethers often include a menu of hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad and chips, which can dampen your days at the pool sporting a swimsuit. Why not try these alternatives to get fewer calories and more nutrients:

Choose lean proteins: Replace that 600 calories cheeseburger with a veggie or turkey version. Or better yet, why not try shrimp (chicken or tofu) and veggie shish kebabs or grilled salmon or tuna as a main course (omega-3 bonus!).

Munch away: Instead of putting out bowls of chips, opt for cut up veggies and hummus instead. If you want the chips, opt for corn tortillas (with a short ingredient list) with salsa or guacamole.

Embrace veggies: Include a big salad with the meal as well as grilled veggies (try asparagus with balsamic and a bit of olive oil and sea salt). Plus, everyone loves corn on the cob (skip the butter and add some sea salt and paprika for a kick).

Smart Sides: Skip the mayo-drenched potato or macaroni salad and opt for grilled sweet potatoes with sea salt and spices (try curry), or make a whole wheat pasta salad with a bit of olive oil, balsamic and herbs (add peas, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese for a delicious combo).

A Sweet Snack: When it gets really warm out, offer company frozen grapes as a refreshing treat. For dessert, why not make a big a fruit salad. Or try grilled fruit kebabs.

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