Perspectives on Endometriosis Management

Women sometimes don't know how to talk to their doctors about the pain and problems of endometriosis. Health care providers can help guide the conversation.

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Stay Healthy With Pap and HPV Tests

HPV, Pap tests and cervical cancer are all related and can be confusing. This infographic helps separate myth from fact.

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Prevention tip sheets

Prevention Tip Sheets

Help your clients to take a preventative approach to common conditions with our printable tip sheets.

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photo of a hurt ankle

Health Facts: Osteoarthritis Management Options

For some patients who have osteoarthritis, some daily activities can be painful. Help your patients ease their joint pain with this handout about osteoarthritis management options.

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woman reading

Patient Fact Sheets for Common Health Conditions

Browse downloadable fact sheets for the top women's health conditions.

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CAD symptoms

These Atypical Symptoms Could Be Indicative of CAD in Women

Women with coronary artery disease (CAD) often present with mild, less obvious symptoms that are often overlooked. Chest pain and shortness of breath, which are common indicators in men, are less likely to occur in women. With 1 in 3 female deaths the result of heart disease, now is the time to empower your patients to get to the heart of their symptoms.

Help your patients look beyond chest pain with our CAD Symptoms Checklist.

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