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Get Your Glow Back: More Makeup Tips

Get Your Glow Back: More Makeup Tips

By Sheryl Kraft

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Recently, I posted a video of Laura Geller working her makeover magic on my face. There was so much to do (!) that we had to divide the session into separate bits. Here's more on attaining a youthful glow at any age.

Do you remember how we learned, when we were younger, how to apply blush? (Basically, I used to put it just about on every area of my face. Why did we think that was attractive and natural looking?!) Well, Laura says that's all wrong. Since we're now trying to, uh, defy gravity, the emphasis should be on bringing everything "up"; that is, shifting the emphasis to the eye area (and away from the neck and southward.)

If that natural glow - something we used to wake up with when we were younger - in your cheeks is gone, says Laura, don't despair - a little blush will bring it back and create some shape and definition to your face.

If you're inclined to order some makeup, here's a chance to purchase makeup at a generous 15% discount. Just visit the Laura Geller website and insert this code at checkout: HEALTHY.


You're welcome, Rosalba...I hope this was helpful to you and that your clown days are over :)

I love this video it is very educative.(I have to learn everything again).I've been puting on my makeup in a wrong way ... No wonder my face sometimes look like a clown... - Thanks a lot.


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