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Brain and nervous system problems can affect one's central command system, potentially impairing memory and the ability to perform daily activities. Learning to live with or supporting someone with a neurological condition is challenging. We're here to help. Learn about the symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment of these disorders.

Worried About Stroke? Know the Facts

woman at computer1. You can have a stroke at any age. More than 25 percent of stroke victims are under 65. However, for every decade after age 55, your risk of stroke increases by 10 percent.

2. There are two forms of stroke: ischemic (blockage of a blood vessel supplying the brain) and hemorrhagic (bleeding into or around the brain).

3. African-American women have a lower one-year survival rate following stroke than Caucasian women. One half of all African-American women will die from either stroke or heart disease.

4. If you live in the southeastern United States you live in the "stroke belt"—an area with the highest stroke-related mortality rate in the country.