managing stress

Stress & Time Management for College Students

stress - college student studyingAttending college can be a stressful experience for many new and returning students. Heavy academic workloads and the feeling that you're constantly racing to meet another deadline can be daunting. And this is in addition to campus activities, new friendships, the pressure to go out multiple nights a week and variable sleep schedules that often come with the fast-paced college lifestyle. No wonder so many college students feel stressed out. (Print out this tip sheet for your teen on reducing stress)

It's important to pay attention to stress because it can affect your health. Read on to learn about how stress can affect your body, why sleep is so important and how you can incorporate important stress-busting techniques, including useful time-management tips, into your life.

Stress ... It's Personal
One person's stressor can be another person's motivator. The way you respond to potentially stressful situations is determined in part by your personality, genes and life experiences.

Stress typically occurs when the demands facing you (stressors) exceed your ability to cope or adjust. When the stressors in your life meet your coping abilities, you feel stimulated, engaged and appropriately challenged. Too many stressors in your life, however, can overwhelm your attempts to cope and result in depression or anxiety.

The Stress Response
When you feel stress, hormones including adrenaline and cortisol flood the body, causing: