6 Tips for Indoor Walking

woman walking up stairsYes, indeed, just as soon as the weather cooperates, you're going to start (or get back into) taking regular walks to improve your health and boost your spirits.

All you need to put your plan into action is for the icy winter storms, or torrents of spring rain, to go away, right? Then all will be well, at least for a couple months, until summer's wilting heat and humidity arrive.

Maybe bad weather isn't the problem. You could be having difficulty finding time to walk outside because your job schedule has changed or home life demands have increased. Perhaps there are no sidewalks, trails or safe pedestrian areas near your home or work.

The solution: take your walking program indoors. You'll avoid weather interruptions and other challenges to regular exercising. Eliminating those stumbling blocks will help you maintain consistency and get closer to achieving the recommended 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days.

Walk anywhere, feel better

Although "location, location, location" is the watchword of success in real estate, it doesn't matter for healthy walking. When you walk at a comfortably quick pace inside an office building, school, fitness center, shopping center or your own home (you'll learn how in a minute!), you get the same benefits as when you walk outdoors.

"Take a look at wherever your setting is and ask, 'How can I be active in this setting?'" says Brigid Sanner, marketing and communications director for Active for Life®, a national research project on fitness in midlife funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.