Is It an STI or Something Else

Decoding Vaginal Discharge: Is It an Infection or Something Else?

Use our quick reference guide to identify common vaginal conditions

Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider About HIV Treatment

Clinically Speaking: Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Your HIV Treatment

HIV treatments are getting better every day. Jessica Zajesky, R.N., advises women what to ask their healthcare providers.

doctor talks with her African patient about her new medication

Conversación sobre la salud: Preguntas para tu proveedor de servicios médicos sobre tu tratamiento del VIH

Los tratamientos del VIH están mejorando todos los días Jessica Zajesky, R.N., aconseja a mujeres sobre qué preguntas hacer a sus proveedores de servicios médicos

PrEP and PEP: Prevention for HIV

PrEP and PEP: Prevention for HIV

If you’re worried about HIV exposure, PrEP and PEP medications can help

PrEP and PEP: Prevention for HIV

PPrE y PEP: Prevención para el VIH

Si te preocupa tener exposición al VIH, los medicamentos PPrE y PEP pueden ser útiles

6 STIs You Need to Know About

6 STIs You Need to Know About

1 in 5 people in the United States has a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Here are 6 STIs you should know about.

A Therapist meets with her female client in her office.

Manejar el impacto del cáncer de cabeza y cuello

El cáncer de cabeza y cuello no solo es físicamente duro, también puede lastimar tu salud mental. Aquí podrás encontrar cómo cuidarte

Maria Mejia

I Don’t Regret Getting HIV Because It Saved My Life

My diagnosis pulled me off the streets and gave me purpose

2017 (Photo/Alina Oswald)

I Believe I’m Aging Faster Because I Have HIV

We don’t really know how HIV impacts aging, since surviving it was nearly impossible a generation ago

Scientist hold blood samples tube for Sexually Transmitted Disease. Syphilis, HBV, HIV, HCV

Why Did Sexually Transmitted Infections Go up During the Pandemic — and What Can We Do About It?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are increasing at an alarming rate, but testing and treatment can help

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Envejecer con VIH

Los mismos problemas que nos afectan a todos mientras envejecemos pueden ser especialmente difíciles para mujeres con VIH

Why Isn’t HIV Care Reaching Those Who Need It Most?

¿Por qué los servicios médicos para el VIH no están llegando a las personas que más los necesitan?

El acceso a la atención médica puede marcar la diferencia entre la vida y la muerte para mujeres de raza negra con riesgo de VIH

Portrait of a confident African American Woman with dreadlocks

Why Isn’t HIV Care Reaching Those Who Need It Most?

Access to healthcare can be the difference between life and death for Black women at risk for HIV

Sexually transmitted infection - laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample

You Can Test Yourself for an STI at Home — but Should You?

At-home STI testing is on the rise, but it’s not a replacement for an in-person exam

group of women

Growing Older with HIV

The same health problems that affect all of us as we age can be especially challenging for women with HIV

A Therapist meets with her female client in her office.

Coping With the Emotional Impact of Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer isn’t just physically taxing — it can significantly hurt your mental health. Here’s how to take care of yourself.

Senior adult patient talks with doctor

Why Sex and Race Matter in Bladder Cancer Treatment

Although men are more likely to develop bladder cancer, women and Black people have lower survival rates

couple sitting at table having heart-to-heart talk

Good Sex with Emily Jamea: How To Tell Your Partner About an STI

Having a sexually transmitted infection is a hard thing to admit, but honesty is always the best policy

Open bottle of prescription PrEP Pills for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis to help protect people from HIV

HIV Preventive Care Is Supposed to Be Free in the US. So, Why Are Some Patients Still Paying?

Even as medication costs have decreased, lab tests and other services are still being billed. Many patients are unaware they don’t have to pay.