Senior Woman Giving Credit Card Details On The Phone

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Is Open Season for Scammers

Government officials have warned private insurance companies selling Medicare Advantage and drug plans that federal requirements prohibit deceptive sales practices but the scammers persist

Financial survelliance

Some Hospitals Kept Suing Patients Over Medical Debt Through the Pandemic

A new study says some of the nation's largest hospital systems kept filing lawsuits, liens and garnishments — and most were nonprofit

Debbie Dingell

15 Minutes With Congresswoman Debbie Dingell

A champion for women's health, Debbie Dingell opens up about her recent emergency surgery and her thoughts about health care in the United States

How to Get Prior Authorization for Your Patients

How to Get Prior Authorization for Your Patients

92% of doctors report that prior authorizations cause delays in patient care

What You Need to Know About Prior Authorization

What You Need to Know About Prior Authorization

Without prior authorization, health insurers can deny coverage and not pay for services or treatments, but consumers can appeal

Doctor writing on medical health care record, patients discharge, or prescription form paperwork in hospital clinic office with physician's stethoscope on desk

Prior Authorization Doesn’t Have to Be a Barrier to Care

If at first you are denied, try, try again

Let's get your finance in order

How to Navigate Prior Authorization

The ins and outs of getting what you need from your health insurance

Is Long-Term Care Insurance Worth the Money?

Is Long-Term Care Insurance Worth the Money?

Lifetime costs of long-term care can be exorbitant, but long-term care insurance can help — especially if you get it while you're young.

For Better Women’s Health, Expand the ACA, Not Medicare

If the goal is expanding access and improving affordability, then building on the ACA is a better strategy.

Analysis: A Health Care Overhaul Could Kill 2 Million Jobs, And That's OK

Health reform proposals like Medicare-for-all or Single Payer would shift around the health care system and could produce cost savings, but those savings would in part come from the elimination of jobs for insurance brokers, hospital staff, and others.

Podcast: KHN's 'What The Health?' Is 'Medicare For All' Losing Steam?

Experienced health care journalists discuss Medicare for all (also known as Single Payer) and why enthusiasm may be decreasing; proposals to increase the age to purchase tobacco; and surprise medical bills.

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