Jessica Smith

Living with Epilepsy Made Me the Confident and Compassionate Woman I Am Today

Believing in myself was key to living a fulfilling life with epilepsy

Close up unhappy woman suffering from strong headache

Epilepsy Across a Woman’s Lifespan

Management and treatment for epilepsy may change as a woman ages

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Study Debunks Idea That Epilepsy Can Hamper Fertility

Having epilepsy doesn't appear to lower a woman's chances of becoming pregnant, new research finds.

Pot Ingredient Might Ease Severe Epilepsy

Would This Pot Ingredient Help You?

Latest research touts benefit of cannabidiol—a molecule from the marijuana plant that does not create a "high."

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10 Tips for Living Well With Epilepsy

Do you have epilepsy and want better control over seizures? Our 10 tips may help.

Video Series, Part 2: Women Succeeding with Epilepsy

Video Series, Part 2: Women Succeeding with Epilepsy

Watch amazing stories of real women coping with the daily challenges of epilepsy