Our Gestational Carrier Brought Us the Joy of Parenthood — and Friendship

When Kathleen carried our baby, she became a part of our family, too

Real Women, Real Stories

I Was a Gestational Carrier, and I’d Do It Again in a Heartbeat

Carrying a baby that's not your own sounds daunting, but it's the best gift you can give

Real Women, Real Stories

The Chosen One: Announcing an Adoption and Bonding With Baby

Your new child deserves the same type of recognition that biological kids get, so start writing up announcements that your little one has arrived and show your new baby right away how much you love him or her.

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Broaching the Subject: Your Child's Understanding of Adoption

It's likely been something that has been on your mind since the moment you considered adopting your son or daughter: how and when to talk about the adoption.

Family & Caregiving

A Healthy Start: Bonding With Your Adopted Baby

If you're worried that your adopted son or daughter may have a tough time feeling like part of the family when he or she gets older, you can take comfort in knowing that bonding with them now can do a lot to secure a healthy, close relationship.

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Adopting a Child: Ensuring That You're Ready

There are some specific things that you and your partner should think about before making any serious commitment to adopt a child.

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Support for Fertility Challenges

10 things you should and should not say to a friend experiencing trouble getting pregnant., plus tips for talking about your own fertility issues