What's That in My Undies?

One of my girlfriends, Stephanie, is pregnant. She had been trying for awhile so I'm especially excited for her. As I do with all my newly-pregnant friends, I told her to call me with any and all questions she might have - everything from which stroller might be best for her, what to do if her skin breaks out, and how to hide - or highlight - her widening waistband.

The questions have started to come in so I'm taking this opportunity to answer her questions in a larger forum (this blog) in the hope that they may be of interest and/or help to any of my pregnant readers.

Her first question: "I always seem to have sticky, yellowy gunk in my underwear. What is it and what can I do about it before I run out of underwear?"

This is just one of the many lovely things that happen during pregnancy. Steph is describing the discharge that can be white or pale-yellow caused by increased hormones and vaginal blood flow. It's very common and nothing to worry about unless it develops a foul odor, becomes greenish-yellow or very thick or watery, itches or burns, all of which may indicate an infection. If any of these occur, talk to your health care professional. To save yourself from having to change your undies multiple times a day, wear a pantyliner.

I'll keep answering Steph's questions as they come but if you have any you would like answered, post a comment below or email me with the subject header "Notes from the Nursery question."


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