What’s Your Favorite Thing About the Olympics?

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I love watching the Olympics; it just makes me smile. What about it gets me so happy? It’s not the moving stories peppered throughout the programming (although I love those), or the amazing artistry of the figure skaters (but really, how impressive is that?) or even the heart-thumping excitement of the competition (did you see those moguls skiers?). It’s really the spirit of it all, the peaceful gathering of five continents; viewers and participants don’t just cheer for their own country, but for each competitor and their quest for success (whatever that may be for them).

Did you know that the rings on the Olympic flag symbolize the five significant continents and are interconnected to symbolize friendship? The colors—blue, yellow, black, green and red—were chosen because at least one of them appeared on the flag of every country in the world. Now, that’s inspiring.

What is your favorite thing about the Olympics? Please share below.

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