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Kristen Mucci-Mosier helps couples and individuals become more present in their bodies and relationships.

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Pregnant … I Think


It's an unlikely story.

The month started out pretty rough—I did a three-day juice cleanse and was so out of it that I spilled a cup of boiling tea on myself and ended up at the doctor's office with second-degree burns over a large portion of my belly. Between the pain and the awkwardness of wearing bandages around my abdomen, I was pretty miserable.

About five or six days later, I was due to ovulate, but according to the lack of a happy face on the ovulation test sticks, there were no eggs in site. And who could blame my body—would you want to put a baby in a juice-filled, burned body?

The story gets better. About nine or 10 days past the time I should have ovulated, I had to go to the doctor to get some blood work done. While I was there, the nurse suggested that they test for pregnancy since she knew we were trying to conceive and I had been experiencing a lot of breast soreness. I happily agreed. Beat the waiting period? Yes! Two days later she called to soberly inform me it was negative.

However, as I inched closer to my period I started to have some pelvic pain and my breasts were still super-sensitive (psychosomatic symptoms?). Then my period due date came and went, an unusual occurrence for me. So at three days "late," I decided I would take a home pregnancy test the next morning. I woke up dreaming about the test, so I hopped out of bed early in the morning and popped open the box.

It went something like this: What's that? Is it a faint second line? People say that's positive—could it be??? And it was.

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