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Rashelle Isip is a professional organizer, productivity consultant, blogger, and author. She is founder of The Order Expert, a website featuring practical and creative organizing, time management, productivity tips, inspiration, and much more. For more information visit:

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A Pain in the Neck or Shoulder? Lighten the Load

Women's handbags have grown increasingly larger over the years. A larger bag means more space, but it also means we're filling up that space with lots of different items … books, hair dryers, cosmetics, you name it. Carrying around all this extra weight can be bad for your health—literally a real pain in the neck!

If you're eager to take a step toward becoming more organized, a purse clean-out is a great project for two reasons: 1) a purse is a relatively small, contained unit, and 2) a purse is something that we use almost every day. You'll be able to complete the task in a relatively short amount of time and will reap the benefits instantly.

Ready to give your back, shoulder and neck some relief? Consider the following tips to get your bag back in order:

Weigh Your Bag. It may sound crazy, but weighing your bag on a scale pre-cleaning will really drive home the fact of how much weight you carry around all day on your shoulder.

Think about the Bag. Consider the bag's use. Is it used for work, school, social outings, kids' stuff or baby items? Keep the bag's main use in mind as you begin your cleanup.

Sort 'n' Stash. Empty all the contents of your purse and sort them out, or take one item at a time from your purse and sort. Trash the obvious and keep only what you need to use every day. Once you've separated the wheat from the chaff, you can start repacking.

Weigh-In #2. Weigh your bag again post-cleaning. What's the weight difference? Your back and shoulders will thank you!

Bonus Tip: Pull a Quick Switch. We all know how this one goes: We need to switch bags for a function and there's little time to do it. To streamline the process, get a small to medium-size zippered bag to hold your essentials, such as your wallet, cell phone and/or pda, keys, makeup, medication, personal hygiene items—anything that you can't be without. Use clear plastic bags to prevent makeup from spilling or leaking or items from scratching, like keys on a cell phone screen. With your essentials contained, you'll have a clear mind to figure out if there's anything else you'll need to take with you.

Rashelle Isip has been organizing everything and anything since she can remember. Rashelle has a true passion for organization and works to help others understand, embrace and achieve their organizing goals. For more on Rashelle, go to

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