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Important New Nutrition News

By Sheryl Kraft

Created: 09/06/2011
Last Updated: 09/06/2011

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As of this writing, my neighborhood is still without power. I'm grateful that my house is still standing, that no trees crushed my roof, that the deluge of rainfall did not flood my basement. So what if we had to empty the entire contents of our refrigerator and freezer? While I can't deny that the waste troubles me, I'm trying to look at it as an opportunity to start fresh—load up on lots of healthy foods and maybe even foods I hadn't considered until now.

Some digging yielded some new nutrition news, perhaps something you might want to consider the next time you head out to buy some food—or restock your own fridge.

  • Have a kid with asthma? Foods and beverages like bananas and apple juice might help reduce symptoms. On the other hand, just one hamburger a week, and a low-fiber diet can worsen asthma's symptoms, researchers found.
  • Looking to trim belly fat and increase lean muscle? Try a diet higher in protein (especially from dairy products) and lower in carbohydrates, says new research. And since preserving or even gaining muscle plays an important role in keeping your metabolism revved up, it's helpful to stick with this type of eating if you are looking to prevent weight regain (and who isn't?).
  • Looking to prevent fractures? See my post about dried plums, aka prunes.
  • Wondering which fruits to include? As the growing season winds down, make sure to grab some blueberries. Many dietitians believe that as little as a cup a day of these blue beauties plays an important role in preventing cell damage linked to cancer, due to their valuable antioxidants, flavonoids and other vitamins. And their vitamin C can help the immune system, as well as aiding the absorption of iron.
  • Blood pressure woes? Reach for a potato. Scientists report that just a couple of servings a day can reduce blood pressure almost as much as oatmeal can. And it won't cause weight gain, either (unless, of course, your version of potato is a French fry). The experiments were done with potatoes cooked in a microwave, sans oil.

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This is good news! My husband has high blood pressure. I want to try and get him off his meds because it kills his libido. He loves potatoes. Guess what we're having for dinner?

Wow, what a smart way to view the upside of a power failure at your house. Thanks for yet another great idea -- and I'm hoping you'll be electrified in the near future.

Thanks, Ruth. And glad to report we're back in the modern age - power is finally back!

It is amazing all the things that just food can do!

Isn't it? It would be ideal if we could just eliminate medicines and eat instead :)

Well, it's good to read that one thing my hubby loves, potatoes, can have some health benefits for him. My mom always said she thought he could live on Mexican food and potatoes. She was right.

Mexican food and potatoes? Well, that's quite a combination!

Potatoes, ten ways?

How do you reconcile adding potatoes with the lower carb/higher protein recommendations? Such a balancing act!
Have fun refilling the fridge.

Seems like the perfect time to clean a refrigerator!
Hope your power is back~!

Blueberries.. I have to remember to eat them more often, thanks for the reminder!!

Speaking of dairy products, I always like to have a cube of cheese after my breakfast smoothie - it amazingly makes me feel so much fuller. Now I can feel good about my little cheese splurge.

I love all of these foods.

Starting over, stocking your fridge afresh, has its upsides, as you note. That's what I tell myself, too, every time I move.


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