Living in the so-called information age, it can be difficult to know who to trust as a reliable source when conducting research—especially when it comes to your own health.

We all have that friend or colleague—or maybe it's even your own mother—who turns to Google instead of her doctor when experiencing symptoms or side effects.  Let's face it: The Internet can make a hypochondriac out of the best of us!

For 20 years, HealthyWomen has been a consistent and reliable source of information—both before and during the Internet era. But with countless sites offering conflicting information for every ailment, our independent source of online and print publications is more important now than ever before.

HealthyWomen is pleased to acknowledge its very own endorsement by one of today's leading sources of health in media today—Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of TheDr. Oz Show and frequent medical contributor to the TheOprah Winfrey Show and O, The Oprah Magazine.

In this month's March publication of O magazine, Dr. Oz lists HealthyWomen as the preeminent site for women's health advice!

This is a huge honor and recognition for our organization, but it is nothing we didn't already know ourselves, as do the legions of women who log on to every day to find timely and well-researched medical information from this long-trusted source.

HealthyWomen provides information that is original, objective, rooted in evidence-based research and reviewed by renowned medical experts.

Our organization's mission from day one has been to educate and empower women so they will be able to take control of their health, be proactive, and become their own advocates.

Entering our "30s" this year with a fresh face and ever-increasing confidence, those of us behind the scenes at HealthyWomen knew this new decade of growth had similar attributes to a woman entering her third decade: self-assurance, independence and the willingness to take on the world whether at work or at home.

At HealthyWomen we wish to publicly thank Dr. Oz and Ms. Winfrey for helping to spread the word of our commitment to protecting our women from the midday sun of the information age.

When heading out into cyberspace, ladies, stay protected. Take us with you and think of HealthyWomen as your SPF 40—because you don't want to get burned!

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