Are You Eating Right for Your Workout?

If you're heading to the gym this morning, a little nutrition knowledge will help you burn more fat. Turns out that carbs are okay, but they have to be the right types of carbs.

Researchers found that the bigger fat burners (by 50%) were the women whose breakfast was rich in lo-glycemic carbohydrates; those that don't cause a spike in blood sugar - like muesli, yogurt and skimmed milk. What was the "wrong" type of carbohydrates? Things like white bread and cornflakes; those carbs that cause a rapid spike in blood sugar (aka high glycemic carbs) and won't help you burn fat as efficiently.

(Of course, if you're that hard-core athlete who runs triathalons then the carbohydrates high on the glycemic scale might be of some value for instant energy.)

And wondering what to eat after your workout? (I usually crave something high in protein, like eggs or cheese.) Another study found that you're potentially better off, for weight control, eating something that is low, rather than high, in carbohydrates.

I think this advice is worthwhile. After all, if we are working hard at the gym, why not burn off as much fat as we can - and keep it off - right?

What's your favorite pre-and-post workout snack?


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