Acne During Pregnancy

In the comments section of my post, "What's That in My Undies?" on Notes from the Nursery, a newly pregnant reader asked about acne. Specifically she wrote,

"I am 6 weeks pregnant and a week ago I got acne all over my back. Is that because of a hormonal imbalance? What are the signs I can expect to notice related to hormonal changes? Are there any safe products I can use to clear up my skin?"

Acne - just another lovely pregnancy perk! Aren't we lucky? For the first time since High School, I too began to break out a couple months into my pregnancy. Sadly for me, I got pimples on my face so I'm a little jealous yours are safely hidden on your back :) My OB suggested I try Proactiv which worked beautifully. But, since I'm no MD, RN, OB - or any other medical professional, once again I turned to Dana Jacoby, MD for answers to your questions.

Dr. Jacoby explained that acne during pregnancy is often a normal result of an increase in hormones called androgens, which increase the oil production in your skin. In response to your question about products, he said that topical benzoyl peroxide and certain topical antibiotics are considered safe. Sodium sulfacetamide and tretinoin, however, should be avoided, as many have not been studied sufficiently.

Note: The information provided here is not meant to replace a visit to your health care provider. He or she knows you, and your medical history, better than anyone. We strongly encourage you to speak with your health care professional about your particular health concerns.


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