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Video Series: Women Succeeding with Epilepsy

Video Series: Women Succeeding with Epilepsy

Hear firsthand from women living with epilepsy and expert health care professionals. Watch the videos now


Navigating life with epilepsy can present many challenges, particularly for women. Whether a woman has epilepsy or cares for a loved one, she often has to balance epilepsy with her responsibilities as a mother, wife and healthcare decision maker for the family.

The "Women Succeeding with Epilepsy" video series highlights the stories of two women who are living well with epilepsy. Their stories will both educate and inspire you.

While these women and their families have experienced ups and downs, they have also learned how to successfully navigate life with epilepsy by:

  • Seeking medical care with the goal of seizure freedom and minimal medication side effects
  • Setting and achieving life goals for themselves and their family members

Watch the videos below for information on epilepsy, expert advice and more.

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Video 1: Introduction
Elizabeth Battaglino Cahill, RN, Executive Director of HealthyWomen, previews "Women Succeeding with Epilepsy"—an educational program and video series.
Video 2: Women and Epilepsy
Epilepsy specialist Blanca Vazquez, MD, explains epilepsy, how it is treated and how it uniquely affects women. Dr. Vazquez is an attending physician in neurology and Director of Clinical Trials and Outpatient Services at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at New York University Langone Medical Center.

To learn more about epilepsy and the different types of seizures, check out these resources:
Epilepsy Advocate
Video 3: Building a Family While Living with Epilepsy
Sixteen years ago, Heather Evrly was working her way through college when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. At that point, she couldn't imagine dating, let alone getting married or having children.

Since then, Heather has learned that it is possible to live well with epilepsy. She is happily married, raising two children and working toward a master's degree in speech communication. She is also an Epilepsy Advocate, sharing her experiences so others can benefit from what she's learned.

Meet more Epilepsy Advocates.
Video 4: Helping Your Child Become an Independent Young Adult
Shelley Kays' daughter Alyssa was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of six. Now, after years of encouraging Alyssa to believe in herself, Shelley and her husband are proud—and nervous—that their daughter is moving away from home to attend a four-year university.

As an Epilepsy Advocate, Shelley shares her perspective on how to lay a strong foundation for children living with epilepsy so they can successfully transition into adulthood.
Video 5: Take Action! Live Life on Your Terms
Executive Director of HealthyWomen Elizabeth Battaglino Cahill, RN, Heather Evrly, Shelley Kays and Blanca Vazquez, MD share their top tips for living well with epilepsy.
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