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The Key to Healthy Eating for You and Your Family

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We all know that a healthy diet equals overall better health, but putting that knowledge into action is another story. Our friends at surveyed over 1,500 people (mostly women), asking about the role of a healthy diet in their lives. The majority of respondents were clear that health is a priority for them and their families. However, all too often the realities and challenges of our daily schedules derail these good intentions.

Convenience often comes first. More than 50 percent of respondents said that they eat fast food a few times a month or more (almost 15 percent said twice a week or more). And the most common reasons cited for eating fast food are that it’s faster (50.1 percent) and more convenient (49.8 percent). Between work, child care, housework and maintaining our relationships, at times it seems as if cooking and preparing food can be a distant fantasy.

While almost 96 percent of you say you try to plan ahead for dinner, only 22 percent do the same for lunch, 16 percent for breakfast and 9.8 percent snacks. Today’s family is pressed for time, which means a little preparation can go a long way in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We’ve got some tools that can help:

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