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HealthyWomen Convenes Experts to Discuss Biosimilars & Related Topics

HealthyWomen Convenes Experts to Discuss Biosimilars & Related Topics

Created: 09/26/2019
Last Updated: 04/07/2020

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On October 25, 2019, HealthyWomen convened a day-long forum in Washington, DC, to examine the role of biosimilars in women’s health. Experts offered perspectives that included the current state of biosimilars in the U.S.; federal legislative and regulatory updates; research-to-market advances and challenges; and challenges and opportunities for biosimilars to improve women’s access to treatment. Robust discussion also were highlights of the forum. HealthyWomen released findings from its survey, “Women as Consumers of Biosimilars,” which indicated opportunities for improving women’s awareness of biosimilars as treatment options.

View the report of the Biosimilars & Women's Health Science & Policy Forum.
View the agenda from the Biosimilars & Women's Health Science and Policy Forum.
View forum presentations in PDF format.

Media Coverage

Medshadow, a medical trade publication covers short term and long term side effects in medicine and medical treatment. It also focuses on helping individuals and families make informed decisions about treatment. Highlights and information from the recent HealthyWomen Biosimilars survey, was the focus of this article.

Not so Different Podcast, which runs on the Center for Biosimilars website, included an interview with Dr. Lisa Kennedy Sheldon. Dr. Sheldon was a speaker at the HealthyWomen Biosimilars forum. The highlights of the interview include information from the forum, as well as stats from the recent HealthyWomen survey on biosimilars.

The Center for Biosimilars - Biosimilars and Women's Health: Realizing the Potential. Monica Mallampalli, PhD, advisor for strategic development and stakeholder engagement for HealthyWomen, drafted an Op-Ed for this trade website. Monica discusses the goal of biosimilars, as well as shares information and stats from the HealthyWomen forum and survey.

Biosimilar Development - The Nurse's Perspective On Biosimilars In Oncology Care. This trade website and newsletter interviewed Dr. Lisa Kennedy Sheldon, a speaker at the recent HealthyWomen Biosimilars forum, for an article focused on biosimilars and oncology. Dr. Sheldon discussed information from the forum, as well as the role biosimilars can play in oncology.

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