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Cosmetic Procedures Before and After: Botulinum Toxin Injectables

See before and after photos of one woman getting a Botox Cosmetic procedure and read what she has to say about it.


Katarina is an active mother of a four-year-old daughter who keeps both her and her husband busy from early mornings to late nights. When she is not chasing after her daughter or going full-steam ahead on her bike, Katarina keeps up the pace with a busy career. At the end of the day, this busy lifestyle often culminates in a tired-looking face reflected by frown lines between her brows. She's busy, but still ready to take on more, and she wants to look as energetic as she feels.

botox cosmetic procedure - katarina beforeBefore

"Over the years, I have developed frown lines between the eyes that seem to be getting deeper and deeper. They are especially apparent after spending a whole day at the beach squinting at the sun. It makes me look angry and tired—something that I'm not!"

Women ask...
What product is generally used to reduce frown lines between your eyebrows? Botulinum toxin treatments are used for this purpose, the most well-known of which is Botox Cosmetic.

botox cosmetic procedure - katarina prepAfter Katarina consulted with dermatologist Dr. Doris Day, they agreed that botulinum toxin treatment would be the best procedure for her at this time.

The procedure

"The pain level was very low. It was so quick that you didn't really have time to feel much. I actually expected it to be a little more painful than it was. The face is very sensitive so I was surprised how little I felt during and after the injection."
botox cosmetic procedure - katarina getting an injection

Women ask...
What exactly are botulinum toxin treatments? They temporarily reduce activity of muscles that cause wrinkles by blocking nerve signals required for muscle movement.

Who is it appropriate for? People who want to look younger or have a refreshed appearance without surgery.

botox cosmetic procedure - katarina close-up injectionSide effects

"I didn't have any redness or bruising after I left the office. It looked great!" Women should speak with their doctors about all potential side effects.

Women ask...
Is there much recovery time? There is generally no downtime necessary.

What is the pain factor? There is some discomfort with injection. This can usually be relieved by using ice packs or anesthetic ointments.

botox cosmetic procedure - katarina and dr dayThe experience

"Dr. Day was an absolute pleasure. She clearly explained everything I needed to know and the result came out great."

Women ask...
Who does it? Numerous medical specialists offer cosmetic injectables, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists and even ophthalmologists. However, make sure the doctor you choose has significant experience giving the injections and that the doctor, not a nurse or other health care professional, gives the injection. Also make sure they use the real thing; you can even ask to see the vial of medicine.

botox cosmetic procedure - katarina afterThe results

"I could see changes already within two days but the real effect probably didn't kick in until about a week after the injection. I look less serious after squinting into the sun all day. I feel like I look less tired and stressed after a long day at work vs. having those "11s" between my eyebrows telling a different story. Overall, I'm really happy with the results. I would definitely recommend Botox Cosmetic to a friend."

Women ask...
How long do the results last? Results can last up to four months.

How much do injectables cost? The average cost is around $400 per session.

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