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13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Signs

13 Weeks Pregnant: Is Your Sex Drive Amped Up or Dulled Down?

Pregnancy & Postpartum

As you enter the homestretch of your first trimester, your baby is about the length of a lipstick, though about half of this volume is due to his ever-developing head.

Tip of the week:
Sex isn't the only way you can be intimate with your partner. Consider going back to your younger days and revisiting activities like mutual masturbation, oral sex or self-stimulation, and don't underestimate the power of simple cuddling and kissing. Also, this may be a good time to solicit a massage from your spouse or partner. You may want to lie on your side to avoid pressure on your abdomen.

One important identifying feature your baby now has is a fingerprint on each of his tiny fingers. Other developments include a network of veins beneath his tissue-thin skin, as well as small bones in his arms and legs. Additionally, your little one is starting to form the vocal cords that will soon produce heart-melting coos and attention-getting cries.

Speaking of highs and lows, your sex drive right now may not be what it normally is, whether that means you're ready to go 24/7 or your partner's come-hither stares make you want to put on a chastity belt.

If you're part of the former group, this constant desire is likely due to the increased blood flow to your pelvic region. This can result in some engorgement down below, as well as more natural lubrication than you're used to. Take advantage of this if you're so inclined, because it may release some stress and bring you and your partner closer together.

Sex is generally safe for women throughout their entire pregnancy. However, if you have certain conditions, like placenta previa, vaginal bleeding, unusual cramping or a dilated cervix, your health care provider may recommend that you abstain. If intercourse becomes uncomfortable for you for any reason, other forms of sexual pleasuring might be preferable.

If you experience minor cramping after an orgasm, don’t be alarmed; this is simply your uterus mildly contracting. If the cramps don’t go away or cause you more than minor pain, talk to your health care professional about it.

If you fall into the camp of women whose sex drive is turned off during pregnancy, your low libido may be due to nausea, painful breast engorgement, cramping or discomfort during intercourse. Additionally, while your partner may be enjoying your new, fuller breasts, you may want to put them off limits due to soreness, which is completely normal.

In any case, know that it's likely that your current state is only temporary. As you well know by now, your hormone levels, which are the likely culprits of your stimulated or deflated libido, are fluctuating. Wondering if sex will be the same after a vaginal delivery? Click here.

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