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Colon Cancer Screening: Don't Delay It

"It was no big deal. I don't understand why people stress over it."

"The procedure itself was totally painless and relatively easy."

"It was a piece of cake."

No, we didn't pay these 50-something women to give us these comments about their first colonoscopy. All we did was ask them to tell us honestly what it was like. Given the negative perception about colonoscopy, their responses might catch a few readers by surprise. Learn why it's so important to get screened.
Beat Boredom with Bike Riding

As the new year arrived, Jennifer Batchelor knew what she needed to do: revive her exercise routine.

Boredom had caused her to stop jogging several months before. She wanted to find a physical activity that was easy to start and interesting enough to keep her going.

"I hopped on a bike because I thought it would be less of a challenge," says Jennifer, who is 25. Find out how she did it and how you can too.
Start Strength Training for Good Health
Protect yourself from serious health problems by keeping your muscles strong with these
quick and simple weight lifting exercises.
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5 Sneaky Eating Tips to Help You Lose Weight
Dieting is out; smart eating for weight loss is in.
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Living with Multiple Sclerosis
From an MS diagnosis to 30 marathons: 10 important things to remember.
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