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Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs Are Putting Millions of US Consumers at Risk, According to a New Study

Rogue online pharmacies frequently use social media platforms to reach potential customers

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Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet for National Prescription Drug Takeback Day

Saturday, April 30 is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day — when you can safely dispose of old or unused medications

Taking Prilosec or Other Potent Acid Blocker? Who Should Reconsider and How to Stop

Potent acid blockers (called proton pump inhibitors) work well to block stomach acid, but generally they're intended to treat short episodes of heartburn or reflux. There are risks to long-term use.

Hidden Drugs And Danger Lurk In Over-The-Counter Supplements, Study Finds

Over the counter drugs and supplements may contain dangerous toxins or unapproved drug ingredients, so people who take them may be risking serious health problems.

Are You Taking Too Many Prescription Meds?

The more medications you take increases the likelihood that mistakes could occur.

Surprising Facts About OTC Medicine Safety Parents Should Know

With a little knowledge and care, it is possible to give children medicines safely, responsibly and confidently.

Questions to Ask About Your Child’s OTC Medicine

When your child’s health care provider recommends an over-the-counter medicine, it’s important to make sure you have answers to these questions.

Protect Your Child From Accidental Poisoning

Take proper precautions to keep your kids safe.

When Are Kids Old Enough to Take Their Own Medicines?

It's important for parents to properly educate and supervise their kids' medicine use.

A Child Safety Factor You Shouldn't Overlook

According to this Safe Kids Worldwide report, the medicines kids most commonly get into belong to their grandparents.

What's Your Family's Medicine Action Plan?

Creating an action plan is one way to know that you and your entire family are using and storing medicines safely in your home.

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Know the Dose for Your Kids' Medicines

Accuracy is important when it comes to taking medicine or giving medicine to family members.

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Don't Toss Over-the-Counter Medicine Boxes and Dosing Devices

Here's how to keep an organized medicine cabinet to help keep your family safe. Start by saving the over-the-counter medicine boxes and dosing devices.

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