O, The Oprah Magazine Features HealthyWomen's Health Policy Advisor

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Michael Miller, MD, HealthyWomen's senior health policy advisor, was interviewed in the July issue of O, The Oprah Magazine about the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) broad and beneficial contributions to women's health and specific threats to women's health and well-being if the ACA is repealed or rolled back.

In the article, "Stay Well, Raise Hell—6 Things Women Should Demand from Healthcare Coverage," by Peg Rosen, Dr. Miller used maternity benefits as an example. He explained that whether you have children or not, maternity benefits—now guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act for almost all health plans—provide economic benefits to everyone in a community. Miller also addressed the implications for women if health insurance spending caps return or if insurers can once again decline coverage or charge more for preexisting conditions. Because long-term and chronic health conditions disproportionately affect women, we would likely return quickly to the era where people with the most serious health issues were least able to afford health care coverage, said Miller.

See "7 Ways to Fight for Better Healthcare Coverage" for added insights about advocating for women's health and quality health insurance coverage.

Miller's interview is a timely follow-up to HealthyWomen's recently launched Keep the Care campaign. Keep the Care is a nationwide effort to educate Americans about the consequences to women's health if preventive health care services are eliminated or downsized.


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