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Tips for Staying Fit From a 7-Time Olympic Medalist

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Amanda Beard is not only a decorated four-time Olympic athlete, but she's also a wife and mother coping with the demands of everyday life. So she knows how difficult it can be to keep on track with workouts. Here are her top tips for staying fit (plus find out how you can be entered to win a bathing suit and goggles from Amanda's favorite brand, Aquasphere).

  1. Find something you love and stick to it: The 18×100 breaststroke is one of my favorite strength-building workouts. I always walk away feeling energized and suggest all women find that go-to workout.
  2. Keep motivated: I used to try to do well for others; now I've learned it's better for me to just enjoy the thrill of swimming and work hard for myself. My motivation really stems from my family and their support. They already believe in me, which keeps me going. I encourage others to find what that motivation may be for them. It is also motivating when you set goals to reach—this will really help you get through each activity, whether it is a certain number of strokes you plan to complete or to simply feel good about yourself at the end of the day.
  3. Select the right kind of gear to keep you comfortable and improve your workout: I don't want to be in the pool fidgeting with my suit or with my goggles, and it is important the gear can be easy and dependable. As mothers and expectant mothers, there isn't time to decide what you will wear and need, so finding the right equipment can be extremely convenient.
  4. Keep balance in your life: For me this means being the best athlete I can be, while also being the best mother I can be. For expectant mothers, I suggest personal and work life balance to keep happy, motivated and energized.
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