Reconnecting With Old Friends

Do you know that friend who you lost touch with a few years back, but still think about often? Why haven't you reached out to him or her? Whether it's an old colleague or a confidant from high school, there's something very fulfilling about reconnecting after the years have passed. I recently met two old co-workers for dinner after not seeing them for more than five years.

We reminisced about the good times and sadly recalled the experience we shared on September 11th, then updated one another on marriages, babies, new jobs and losses. I left feeling content and joyful.

I'm not sure what it is; maybe it's the renewed feeling of connectedness; the joy of being around people that know where you've come from and also probably a little bit of letting go of the "I wish I had" guilt about staying in touch. What do you think it is that makes reuniting with old friends so valuable?

Whether it's the comfort of shared experiences or the hopefulness of new ones, it's worth bringing into your life every now and then. So don't wait for your horoscope to predict the arrival of a visitor from your past, pick up the phone and call them.


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