Pregnancy Symptoms, Without the Pregnancy

Is it me or do my breasts look fantastic? Did I just feel a twinge in my pelvic area? Is this train ride nauseating? I could have sworn I was pregnant the month before I actually conceived. All the signs were there … or were they? Experiencing pregnancy symptoms without being pregnant is a phenomenon that I've come to learn happens to a lot of women who are trying to conceive.

This is different than false pregnancy or pseudocyesis, which is a medical condition where a woman believes she is pregnant, but she is not actually carrying a baby. She may even have symptoms such as a missed period, nausea or enlarged breasts. However, the difference is she really believes she is pregnant. A pregnancy test or medical exam will rule out pregnancy.

But what is it that makes us simply feel like we're pregnant before it's actually happening biologically? Maybe it's the strong desire or the constant body monitoring. Or is it your body getting ready for what's about to come? One of my friends truly believes that your body starts preparing for pregnancy even before the egg is fertilized. She had an unplanned pregnancy and swore to me that she went up a bra size the month before.

Whatever it is, if this is happening to you, just know that you're not alone. The mind and body are powerful forces. If you're concerned, talk to a professional about what you're experiencing.


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