No is a Complete Sentence

Self-Care & Mental Health

Are you constantly juggling a thousand things and getting through the day feels like a race to the finish line? It’s probably time to slow down and create some balance. A close friend of mine conducted an informal online focus group on how women find balance in their lives. Here are some of my favorites responses:

1. "I give myself permission to say No. It took me years to learn that I don't have to do everything and please everyone. I was over committed and double booked and 'me' time was non-existent. My dad told me, 'No is a complete sentence,' and that when I said 'No,' I didn't have to explain why as long as I was being true to myself. It was freeing, but it didn't happen overnight."

2. "I only do laundry once a month. The bottom line is that most people do have enough underwear and socks to get through the month. We all have too many clothes, so once a month I spend the entire weekend doing the laundry, separating, washing, drying, folding and putting away, but then it is done and I am not constantly running to the laundry room to throw something in."

3. "I remind myself that some days I can’t do it all. There are times when you just have to tell yourself: tomorrow is another day. When you try to fit in too much, you won’t get the maximum reward out of whatever it is you’re doing. Sometimes you just have to say: 'Tonight I will just go to dinner with my husband, friend or self and not worry about anyone else, the gym or the cooking. Tonight I will have quality time with that person.'" 

4. "When I'm missing a friend or a family member, I reach out to them. Even though I know I may not see them in the same day or week, knowing that it will happen makes all the difference."

5. "I don't think of 'me' time as something I have to set aside. If I am happy doing things at work, with family or friends then that is good 'me' time. When I am not having fun at most of those things then I take a day of work when I know the kids are going to be at school and do me things like go to a day spa, get a massage or take a hot bath."

How do you find balance in your life?


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