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This week, I was pleased to be interviewed by Bill Magill, founder of the Interprize Group, which helps "post-career individuals achieve their grand, legacy ambitions while leading deeper, more mindful lives."

Bill contacted me several years ago as he was evolving his organization to talk about how I was evolving my life after 50. He had read about my background and asked if I would share more about my reinvention on the Interprize blog. We finally had a chance to catch up and chat virtually.

Bill is a reformed Silicon Valley venture investor now living simply in the south of France. (Lucky, lucky Bill to live in such a beautiful part of the world.) He also directs start-up activity at the INSEAD business school as Director of Science Entrepreneurship. As Bill says, "I am fascinated with the notions of self-realization, positive psychology and how we flourish; of personal worth as opposed to acquired wealth."

Reinvention After 50: A Boomer Blooms

It was a gratifying experience to look back over the past seven years as I answered Bill's questions. He wanted to know about my core career, what precipitated my new direction and where I'm headed in the next five years. He asked me about what processes and resources I used to create a plan for change.

Bill inquired if I had adopted any new life practices as I pursue my different interests and what advice I would give to others considering a new and grand ambition, or a dramatic shift toward a new direction.

All good questions for this point in my life. (Maybe there is a memoir or self-help book within these words of wisdom.)

I hope you will take time to visit the Interprize blog and read my interview at:
Judy Freedman on Reinvention After 50: A Boomer Blooms

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment or share your thoughts about how you are changing post 50.

Helpful Resources for Post-Career Individuals

There are lots of helpful resources and insights on the Interprize Group website, including recommended reading, positive psychology resources and events, and holistic health and wellness tips for post-career individuals pursuing a more meaningful life.

Plus, there's information about The Interprize Accelerator Program. I haven't participated in this program—but it sounds fantastic. You'll learn all about what it takes to become an interpreneur.

As part of this process, Bill and his team help you "sharpen your ambition, frame an execution plan, and then support you through launch and realization of your new venture. Their process is dynamic and evolving, based on positive psychology and holistic principles, entrepreneurial expertise, and a supportive community network."

It sounds like a fulfilling adventure to become an interpreneur. Last year, one of their workshops was held in Aix-en-Provence! (Oui, oui, oui.)

Postcards From a Runaway

In his spare time, Bill also writes a blog, Postcards from a Runaway, and composes music. In fact, he featured my interview on his blog along with some fun music and drink to go along with the theme. Check it out.

I told Bill that sometime I would like to interview him for a feature on my blog. However, I may have to take a trip to Provence for the interview. Don't you think? Better study up on my French—n'est-ce pas?

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