How to Feel 20 Years Younger

by guest blogger Mary Jo Wallo, founder of the Blue Thong Society

As the founder of a national women's organization, the Blue Thong Society, the owner of a financial services practice for over 26 years and now a new grandma, my life is very full! So how do I stay so motivated and healthy?

Finding time to exercise is extremely important to me—it is my "therapy." I exercise every day, whether I am lifting weights, walking or surfing. Yes, surfing! I started surfing with my brother at age 16 when we lived near the ocean. I stopped around age 22 when I moved inland, but I always missed it. So I started back up again in my 40s when my husband and I moved to a great surf spot, and he got me back into the water. (My husband loves to surf; he surfs all year round in Alaska!) Today I try to get out there at least once or twice a week, depending on the conditions. It's great fun, and there are lots of great ladies in the water!

So, what gets you excited? Don't forget, you're never too old to try something new!

At 56, I credit much of how I look and feel—my health and my outlook on life—to my regular fitness routine and healthy diet. I still feel like I am 30! When my son turned 30 a few years ago, I asked him, "How can that be when I am still 30?"

I fully encourage everyone to keep active and healthy. It's NEVER too late to start—every step makes a difference. Here's to your health!

Mary Jo Wallo founded the Blue Thong Society national organization in 2006 to fight frump and fine tune the art of being hip, chic and fabulous forever!


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