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Chemo Report

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I had a good day today. I was so apprehensive about starting chemo that I somehow convinced myself that getting the chemo itself would be awful. It wasn't. Thank god for my port!!! It was like being hooked up to the mother ship. Jonathan and I went in for an orientation, and then my dear friend Mary Pat, whom I've known since our babies were born, joined us for the afternoon. It took a lot longer today than it will in the future, because they wanted to take everything slow on the off chance that I had an allergic reaction (there was none)

I really like the chemo space: reclining chairs, great view, very laid back. We had a good chat and tried to figure out who was wearing wigs and who still had their hair. I took a nap, tried to read a magazine (zzzzzzzzz), ate a snack (I need to bring more food) and then I was done.

Now I am at home and just took my first round of three antiemetic meds to prevent nausea and vomiting. I'll rotate a fourth one in tomorrow morning. I'll take most of them through day four.

Next steps:

1. Because chemo kills all types of cells, I will go in tomorrow to get a shot to help my bone marrow produce white blood cells. Side effects could be joint/muscle pain within 24 to 72 hours.

2. Chemo side effects will start Tuesday evening through Thursday evening. This is still a mystery as to which side effects, when, intensity level.

3. Day 9 is the lowest point for my blood cell count, so I will go in, get tested, report my symptoms and get an additional booster if needed.

4. Hair will start come out between day 14 and day 17. I will get it buzzed shortly after that happens.

5. Accept all the TLC offered.

So I'm off to eat green leafies for dinner. No doubt about it, with Jonathan in the house, I will be saturated with the darn things (one of the many things he does to support me through this).

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