Change: It's Good for You!

One of my readers recently sent me this email:

"I'm seeing changes all around me and it's scary. My body is changing and it's hard to control my weight. I don't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. I barely recognize myself in the mirror these days!"

I fully empathize. Midlife is a time filled with huge changes. There are some we can't control. But there are so many that we can.

For example, even if you've been feeling out of control until now, you can still make healthful changes. With a combination of a low-fat diet, regular exercise and some simple relaxation, you can actually control levels of something called telomerase, which is an enzyme that is thought to slow aging on a cellular level and prevent healthy cells from turning cancerous. Dr. Dean Ornish's research found that in prostate cancer patients who followed a plant-based, whole-grain diet for three months, telomerase was boosted by 30 percent.

There are so many other ways we can control the changes that come with aging. Consider them gifts to yourself (and with Mother's Day coming up, don't we all deserve a nice gift?)

Or, change a little something in your routine. Instead of drinking coffee, switch to tea. At the gym, try a new exercise. If you listen to classical music, mix it up with rock. Pick a new lipstick color. You'll be surprised at the power of a tiny change and how it can create a whole new outlook!

Speaking of changes, tomorrow I'm headed for a big change: surrendering myself to hairstylist Nick Arrojo, from TLCs "What Not to Wear." It's not exactly a huge health-related change as described above, but it falls somewhere changing stress (I'm nervous about cutting my hair!) into relaxation (I'm excited about getting a new look).

We'll post the live video one day next week.

In the meantime, let me know how you handle change...what major changes have you faced, and how have you handled them (or not?) Sharing your tips may help someone else who is struggling with change.


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