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A Chance to Rewrite a Special Moment Lost to Chronic Migraine

A Chance to Rewrite a Special Moment Lost to Chronic Migraine


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Meet Patrice Johnson of Prairieville, La, a winner of the Rewrite Your Day contest, which will award 15 people the chance to work with celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss to re-create a special moment lost to chronic migraine.

At the ceremony, the lights from the cameras flashing made it almost impossible to get down the aisle, and I rushed through my vows since the migraine made it difficult to read. I did my best to greet my guests and enjoy the reception, but I could barely pose for photos or eat the delicious food prepared by our cousin. During our first dance, I could only put my head on my husband's shoulder and sway from side to side; he knew I wasn't able to move much more than that due to the debilitating headache and dizziness. I wish so much that we could have graced the dance floor the way we had envisioned, but chronic migraine doesn't care that it's your wedding day.

Now that I am seeing a headache specialist, my headaches/migraines are more manageable. I am sharing my story to let other people like me know that they are not alone, and encourage them to see a specialist who can help diagnose and manage their chronic migraine.

Patrice's re-creation:
I am so excited to work with Mindy Weiss, who has planned so many celebrity weddings, to renew my vows and make new, positive memories of my wedding with my husband. I can't wait to read those vows with the emotion I had intended to convey on our wedding day and to have my loved ones there to watch. I know Mindy will make me feel like the princess that I had always wanted to be, and I will finally have a wedding memory that doesn't include chronic migraine.

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