Being a Woman Over 50
Being a Woman Over 50

Are There Advantages to Being a Woman Over 50?

Women over 50 possess wisdom, confidence, vulnerability and a sense of adventure.

Menopause & Aging Well

I was asked this question by journalist Jackie Pilossoph, who writes the weekly "Love Essentially" column in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press, a suburban paper in Chicago.

Jackie, who is divorced and in her 50s, is also the author of a blog called Divorce Girl Smiling, where she offers advice and support to women going through a divorce and dating after divorce.

She was prompted to write about women over 50 after receiving an email from a 53-year-old divorced male reader. He said he would rather date a woman in her 50s than a younger woman because they "exude radiance" and "have a sense of who we are and what we want in a relationship."

Jackie was full of questions: "What are the benefits of being a single woman in your 50s? What do we have that we never had in our younger days? Is it more gratitude? Is it an appreciation for life and small things? Is it that we are smarter? Do things mean more? I guess what I want to know is, what are women over 50 bringing to the table more than younger women?"

Jackie and I talked for 30 minutes about the why being over 50 is fabulous. We talked about attributes like wisdom and confidence. We talked about being greater risk takers, about being more adventurous and about being more vulnerable in relationships. I think most of these attributes can be applicable to women over 50—whether they are single or married.

I encourage you to read Jackie's full column featuring my interview. You can find it at  "Women Over 50 Have Radiance in Abundance."

How would you answer some of the questions I was asked? How do you feel being a woman over 50? Let me know your thoughts and comments.

As I count down to my 60th birthday next year, I'm curious to see what the next decade in my life brings. Will I still feel the same way I did in my 50s or will I continue to evolve? I definitely feel more comfortable with myself than I did when I turned 50.

I'm very happy with the Judy I'm becoming. Can't wait to see what's next!

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