5 Fun Ways With Fruit

Who ever said that dessert has to be chock full of fat and calories? Instead of reaching for that carton of ice cream this summer, why not satisfy your sweet craving with one of these simple ideas. All you need is a blender, some fruit and a healthy appetite.

Why not try:

Frozen grapes: Pop some grapes in the freezer for a refreshing snack.

All-fruit sorbet: Natural chef and TV personality Andrea Beaman likes to combine two pints fresh strawberries frozen (or pre-packaged bags of frozen strawberries) combined with two to three tablespoons of grape jam or other fruit preserves to make this healthy treat. Just thaw the berries a bit and then put them in a food processor and puree.

Kiwi: For a fun new way to eat this flavor-filled fruit, cut it in half and use a small spoon to scoop it out of the skin into your mouth.

Frozen Popsicles: Invest in some popsicle molds this summer (find them at your local grocery store or online). Combine your favorite fruits in a blender and then pour them into the mold and freeze for a refreshing all-fruit pop.

Smoothies: Go crazy with fruit shakes. Combine some ice and your favorite fruits (try berries bananas, strawberries, peaches etc.) in a blender and puree for a fun, frothy beverage. Throw some almond milk or yogurt in for a creamier consistency. Share your favorite fruit recipes below!

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