Are you looking for a healthy approach to time management? Here are 10 tips to help you improve your relationship with time.

10. Take a breath of fresh air—and time.
We don't give much thought to the amount of air in the earth's atmosphere, yet there is always enough—just like time. Stop worrying about time and instead prioritize tasks and focus on what is important in your life and what you want to accomplish.

9. Stop and smell the roses.
What day of the week is it? How is your best friend? Take a moment to stop and live in the moment. Remember, there will never be another point in time like the one you are living through right now, so make it count.

8. Listen to your body.
Take a break from the clock and take a tip from your body. When you get hungry, it's probably time for a meal, and when you get tired, it's probably time to sleep. Simple, yet effective!

7. Save yourself from uncomfortable squeezing.
You know what it's like to squeeze into clothes or shoes that are too small? It's really uncomfortable! Quit squeezing activities into your schedule that are impossible to accomplish. Break tasks into smaller chunks or schedule a block of time to work on a larger project.

6. Take a body break.
Nowadays we spend a lot of time sitting and doing repetitive tasks. Take regular breaks for your body—stretch, go for a walk, breathe deeply, or whatever refreshes and rejuvenates your body.

5. Set the stage for sleep.
Don't let a physical clock in your room sabotage your internal clock or sleep cycle. Draw the curtains, silence or turn off your phone and cover any visible lights—including the digital clock—for a good night's rest.

4. Wake up to something pleasant.
Instead of waking up to a harsh alarm, wake up to a sound that is pleasant to the ear. Set your alarm to your favorite inspirational or motivational song, band or soothing chimes.

3. Oh, say can you see that clock face?
Do you have to squint to read a clock? Make keeping track of time practical and comfortable by enlarging the display on your computer or smartphone. If that's not sufficient, purchase a large wall clock or set an electronic device to announce the time aloud.

2. Work on your own time.
Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do you know when you work best on certain tasks? Make the most of your time by tackling important tasks during your peak working time whenever possible. It might take some trial and error to figure out when you work best, but it will be worth it in the end.

1. Take time for your health.
While this might be interpreted as taking the time to exercise, there are other aspects of "healthy time," such as preparing a healthy home-cooked meal, making sure inoculations and check-ups are current and having a good laugh with loved ones

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