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When NOT to Take Your Kids to Urgent Care

Pregnancy & Postpartum

If your kids love going to the doctor—and if you love taking them there—read no further.

For those still reading, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: You have another option for a doctor’s care, when your own doctor isn’t available, and urgent care isn’t convenient: a virtual trip to the doctor.

That’s right, you may have heard about online doctors, or even terms like telemedicine or telehealth, but maybe you’ve never given it a second thought because it all seemed so futuristic and complicated. It’s actually quite simple:

Register, Log on. Video chat with a doctor. Get a diagnosis, treatment, and even a prescription if needed. Log off.

Seriously, it’s that straightforward. Here are a few more details on how telehealth works on sites like

Log on. The board-certified physicians at LiveHealth Online, a telehealth website and app, recommend registering and creating an account for free before you're sick. Once your kids are ill, this will ensure seamless and quick interaction with a health care professional.

Video Chat. If your child is prone to getting strep throat every November and the symptoms are obvious (white spots in the throat), the doctor’s exam will on average be 10 minutes. The more history and symptoms you provide, the better the telehealth process works.

Get a diagnosis and treatment. Once your child receives a diagnosis, you can have a prescription automatically sent to your local pharmacy—if the doctor deems it necessary. (Prescriptions are managed according to state laws and 39 states currently allow prescribing as part of a telehealth visit.) This makes early morning decisions like “Is my child well enough for school?” so much faster and easier.

It’s for YOU, too. It’s definitely awesome for your kids, and it’s an amazing option for moms as well. Whether you're away on business, can’t drag yourself out of bed, or just want to stay cozy inside, you can log on and get the help you need to feel better fast.

It’s affordable. If you have a health plan, your visit may be covered—so you could pay the same or less than you do for an in-person visit. Check with your plan's benefits to find out exactly how much you would pay. If you don't have a health plan, visits typically cost $49.

Want to give telehealth a try? You can do so by creating an account on a telehealth site like This site also has a downloadable app so you can literally have a doctor in the palm of your hand 24/7, 365 days a year. Check it out!

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