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love your naked body
love your naked body

How to Love Your Naked Body


Being naked in front of other people is many women's worst nightmare—literally. Many of us have had nightmares where we're standing in front of a bunch of people in nothing but our own skin. How embarrassing!

While we're probably not likely to strip down in front of a large group of people, it's important to feel comfortable being naked when we're getting intimate with another person. More importantly, we need to feel good being nude when we're alone.

Here are some tips to help you love your body—with clothes or without.

Work out

There are many ways that exercise can help you feel better about yourself. Obviously, there are the weight loss benefits that improve your body confidence, as well as the health benefits that keep your body strong and reduce your risk of health issues. Then there are the mental benefits: Working out boosts the amount of feel-good chemicals in your brain, which helps you feel happier and more relaxed. Plus, if you do a light workout before taking your clothes off, your muscles will look toned and you'll have a flattering rosy flush.

love your naked body infoimagePamper yourself

Pampering yourself from head to toe is a great confidence booster. Don't you feel like a million bucks after a haircut or a mani/pedi? Before you're planning to be seen in the nude (or anytime you want a confidence boost) do a few spa treatments on yourself to get your body looking its best. Shave and exfoliate in the shower, then apply some strategic self tanner, adding another coat on the sides of the areas you'd like to look slimmer, like your waist or your thighs. Use a shimmery body lotion for a subtle glow, do a hydrating face mask and style your hair the way you like it best.

Light it right

Even the bodies of supermodels don't look great in bright, artificial light. Do yourself a favor and make sure the lighting in your bedroom and bathroom is flattering. Start by adding some warm tones to the room: pink-hued light bulbs, lamp shades or walls help give your body a nice warm ambiance. Add a dimmer switch to your lights if you can, and avoid using overhead lighting when you're naked. Candles are another great option that make your skin look radiant.


No one says you have to be totally au naturel when you're naked! Accessorize with shoes, jewelry or makeup to boost your confidence. Make a cat eye with your eyeliner, wear red lipstick, don a pair of heels, wear a pair of dangly earrings or spray your sexiest perfume on your pulse points. If you feel sexy, you'll look sexy.

Stop worrying

We're our own worst critics. Yes, you might know about every single one of your flaws, but that's only because you're scrutinizing yourself on a regular basis. Put that magnifying mirror away and start focusing on the things you love about your body. If you're worried about how your partner will think of you naked, realize that he or she is probably too excited about the fact that you're naked at all to think about how big your butt or boobs are. Let it go and have fun!

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