Cervical Cancer Today: A National Survey of Attitudes and Behaviors

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We partnered with the Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health to survey more than 2,000 women and 750 healthcare providers on their attitudes and behaviors related to cervical cancer screening. Help spread the word by sharing this video to raise awareness of this important screening!


L’Oreal Fellow Lisa Poulikakos Uses Engineering to Improve Breast Cancer Diagnostics

By bringing light and nanosurfaces to medicine, Poulikakos aims to make quick, precise breast cancer diagnosis accessible to all.

Science and Technology

Good Nutrition Can Contribute to Keeping Covid-19 and Other Diseases Away

Healthy eating isn't only about weight control: overindulging in unhealthy food can potentially harm your immune system.

Nutrition & Movement

Heart Health During Pregnancy and Beyond

As you talk to your doctor about your reproductive health and other factors we typically associate with pregnancy, you should also pay close attention to your heart.

Pregnancy & Postpartum