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Randall T. Schapiro, MD, FAAN

Randall T. Schapiro, MD, FAAN

President, The Schapiro Multiple Sclerosis Advisory Group and Clinical Professor of Neurology (Retired)
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

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About The Expert

Randall (Randy) T. Schapiro, MD, was born and raised in Minnesota. After graduating from Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA) in biology, he graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School. He trained in internal medicine at the Wadsworth VA Medical Center (UCLA) in Los Angeles and then in neurology under A. B. Baker, MD, at the University of Minnesota. Following a short stint as a faculty member and director of the MS Clinic at the University of Minnesota, he founded the first comprehensive MS Center in 1977, The Fairview MS Center, which was renamed, The Schapiro Center for Multiple Sclerosis at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology in 2004.

He was the first elected president of the Consortium of MS Centers, an organization he helped found. He has participated in the development of the Heuga Center, a wellness center for MS based in Colorado and was given its “Can Do” award. He has been elected to the National MS Society Hall of Fame and has served on numerous advisory committees for them including the Medical Advisory Board. He recently was presented the prestigious Starfish Award by the National MS Society. He also serves on the International MS Society’s Medical Advisory Board. He has served five years on the National Board of the National MS Society as well as 34 years on the local board of the NMSS.

He has lectured and written extensively on all topics associated with MS management, nationally and internationally. While he has participated in numerous research studies, he is best known for his educating and patient management style, often using humor to teach some sensitive topics.