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Michael D. Miller, MD, Senior Policy Advisor, HealthyWomen

Michael D. Miller, MD, Senior Policy Advisor, HealthyWomen

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About The Expert

Dr. Miller is a healthcare and life sciences expert. For more than 25 years, Dr. Miller has worked to improve the US healthcare system by engaging and educating stakeholders, and advancing the development and adoption of innovations. His company, HealthPolCom helps healthcare and life sciences organizations achieve their objectives by creating knowledge-based strategies and executable tactics that integrate the roles, concerns, and needs of patients, clinicians, provider organizations, businesses, community-based organizations, and local and national governments. Dr. Miller has also spoken and written extensively about the interactions across the healthcare delivery, financing, research, and public health systems. 

His Health Policy and Communications blog provides insight about how health policy affects clinical and economic outcomes. In his role as policy content advisor to HealthyWomen, Dr. Miller will collaborate with HealthyWomen's health policy team to help inform HealthyWomen's constituents about health policies that may affect their health, and how to navigate the healthcare system to optimize access, safety and services.

Dr. Miller graduated magna cum laude from Williams College with a B.A. in chemistry, and received his M.D. from the Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Miller has volunteered in Bread for the City's free medical clinic in Washington DC, served on their Board of Directors, and chaired their Fundraising Committee. He has also assisted Bread for the City's CEO with major speaking engagements and strategic planning activities. He is the Secretary of the Williams College DC Regional Alumni Association (a position he also held with the Boston Alumni Chapter), was a founding co-chairs of the Yale Life Sciences Alumni Association's Boston Chapter, and is the longstanding honorary "Team Physician" for the political satire troupe the Capitol Steps.