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For many women, birth control pills are the contraception method of choice. “The pill” has evolved over the years and more options exist than ever before. Unsure which is the right birth control method for you? Not sure what to do if you miss a pill? Find answers to these questions and more here.
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Your Options for Permanent Birth Control

woman smilingSo you're done having children and your partner feels the same way. Now what? Know your options for permanent birth control.

Permanent contraception is the most common type of contraception overall, and it is a particularly common choice for women age 35 and older. Female sterilization closes a woman's fallopian tubes by blocking, tying or cutting them so an egg cannot travel to the uterus. There are two primary forms of female sterilization: a fairly new nonsurgical implant system (sold under the brand name Essure), and the traditional tubal ligation procedure (done via laparoscopy or minilaparotomy), often called "getting your tubes tied."