Laarni San Juan

I Wish I’d Known About the Shingles Vaccine Sooner

What started out as a small blemish turned into the worst illness of my life

Elderly lady getting immunization

10 Vaccines Adults Should Get

Speak with your healthcare provider about which vaccines you need

Medical Vial with Shingles Vaccine

Fast Facts: What You Need to Know about Shingles

You're not too young to get shingles. Learn more about this painful infection.

Erin Morrison Photography

I Got Shingles at 29

I was shocked when I was diagnosed with shingles at such a young age

Adults Need Vaccines, But Not Everyone Gets Them

Adults Need Vaccines, but Not Everyone Gets Them

Socioeconomic barriers lower vaccine access in marginalized communities

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Immunizations

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Immunizations

COVID-19 has us postponing a lot of things: immunizations, including the flu vaccine, shouldn't be one of them.

13 Things You Need to Know About Shingles

Shingles can be extremely painful and sometimes cause lasting complications, so you may want to consider the vaccination. There's a new one coming soon.

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