What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Long-Haulers: Q+A with Dr. Jose R. Mercado

An epidemiologist at a top hospital answers our questions about COVID-19 patients who experience long-term symptoms, and what we can learn from previous epidemics.

Expert Perspectives

Aerosols Are a Bigger Coronavirus Threat Than WHO Guidelines Suggest – Here’s What You Need to Know

The WHO suggested that the coronavirus was primarily transmitted by coughing or sneezing large droplets into someone's face, rather than being a longer-term threat that can float in the air.

Your Health

A Call to Action for Women in Chronic Pain

Monica Mallampalli, PhD shares some unsettling data about chronic pain—across sex, gender and race—and offers measures for moving women's health care forward. In the year 2020, these barriers must come down.

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