Health Corner

Health Corner

5 Places Germs Are Hiding in Plain Sight

You may take precautions about germs in the bathroom and at the gym, but did you know the kitchen can be more of a hazard?

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5 Things No One Tells You About Aging

Some signs of aging can be challenging, such as shrinking in height and losing your balance. But a healthy lifestyle can minimize some effects of aging.

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   Worst Foods for Your Stomach
   Certain foods may be the culprits in causing stomach problems, from digestive upsets to packing on the pounds.
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   Can Menopause Cause Brain Fog?
   Those memory lapses you may be feeling around menopause are very real, and falling estrogen is to blame. But, don't worry—you will recover.
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   Considering a Home Birth? Here's What You Need to Know
   A home birth can be a safe and natural way to give birth, but there are factors to consider and things to do to prepare.
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15 Minutes With Dr. Lauren Gardner

You may not know her name, but you've probably used the dashboard she and her team created to track Covid-19

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Nearly 60 Million Americans Don’t Drink Their Tap Water, Research Suggests – Here’s Why That’s a Public Health Problem

People who don't trust their tap water shift to more expensive and often less healthy options, like bottled water or sugary drinks

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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Suspension – What This Means for You

The pause is due to reports of blood clotting in six people (out of 6.8 million doses) who have received the vaccine.

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