Best Weight-Loss–Friendly Foods

All calories are NOT equal in terms of how your body uses those calories or the nutrition they provide. Find out what foods can help you lose weight.

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When Sex Gives You More Pain Than Pleasure

As menopause arrives, many women experience pain during sex. But just because it's common, doesn't mean you have to accept it. Find out the cause so you can enjoy sex again.

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   Daily Habits That Can Ruin Your Health
   We all have some good habits and a few not so good. Learn why not flossing or
   watching to much TV or snacking mindlessly can be seriously bad for your health.

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   Is This Body Part Aging You?
   While you fret about creaky knees, an achy back or diminishing eyesight,
   have you noticed the signs of aging that everyone else may be seeing?
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   Foods That Lower Inflammation in Your Body
   Inflammation has been linked with bodily issues from acne to allergies to autoimmune conditions.
   And, because you really are what you eat, diet plays a role in fighting and preventing inflammation.
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